The kids making gingerbread houses at Ben and Michelles

Sadie just bustin a sag. This girl has no bum! So She will be three next week. A couple of weeks ago I told her I just didn't want to buy anymore diapers. She simply said, "Ok Mom." She has been wearing underwear ever since. I don't even remind her to go. She has been so easy to train. Actually, I didn't do anything but wait until she was almost three. She even has dry nights. Its been great!! I should write a book about how to potty train -wait until they are old enough to do it themselves!!

These boys absolutely love their little brother. They can't get enough of him. They love when I let them read to him at night. Just tonight, Matthew took him from me and when I went into check on them, I found that Matthew had carefully tucked Crew in his bed next to him and was reading a book to him. I love these moments!! Crew is so good to humor his brothers.

Random pictures

This was our first snow. Nice boots Trav! I make fun of them all the time. One time when Travis was putting them on Sadie said, "awesome boots, Dad!" Now Trav loves them even more.
Crew Loves to play with his toes. He loves to eat them!! The kids think it is so funny.

The kids making turkeys for Thanksgiving.

Matthew loves to cook! One day he was so proud when he brought me his yummy creation. If you can't see, its a microwave egg with broken bread. Yum Yum. After he brought this to me I helped him start his own cook book. He now has three different creations in his cook book. I just love to kiss the little cook!!

For Matthews birthday we gave him a count down for disneyland. We have so much fun living thru our kids. I love the excitement kids can have. We had a blast at disneyland. Crew and Sadie were so good. Our doublestroller and having Celeste made it so much more enjoyable.

We went the weekend before Thanksgiving and hardly had to wait in line for the rides. I love this picture of Crew. He is such our happy baby. He makes me so excited to have another boy!


Hey guys, you need to check out this website. You have to subscribe ($14.00 a month), but it has saved us $100's of dollars. We order 6 Sunday newspapers (thru couponsense- $26 a month). We take out all the coupon books and immediately put the papers in the recycle. Couponsense tells you how to number the coupons so you can keep it all organized. Couponsense will tell you the sales at ALL of the grocery stores. You get things pretty cheap when its on sale, plus you use the coupon on top of the sale items. It gets really cheap when the stores double the coupon. That is when we get our cereal for 50 cents a box. And then we have 6 coupons so we get 6 boxes of cereal. A few weeks ago, colgate toothpaste was on sale for 99 cents. We had a coupon for 50 cents off. Safeway was doubeling their coupons so we actually got 6 tubes of toothpaste for free. Its really fun to see what we are going to get each week. We plan our meals around the sales. For example, we got 12 cans of cresent rolls for like 12 cents each (regulary $3 something each). So I got on the internet and found some fun recipes that use cresent rolls. I found you can make some yummy deserts too. My sisters use a free website called grocerysmarts.com Anyway check either one out.


Time to catch up

I can't believe its already February! This winter is going by so fast. We are enjoying the snow so much more this year than last (at least I am). We have been so busy and I have a feeling it is just going to get worse. Not that its bad. We took the kids to Disneyland in November. It was so much fun. The weather was perfect and we hardly stood in line. Celeste was nice to come with us. We all love her so much. And the kids have so much fun with her. Thanks Celeste!!

We went down to Mesa for Thanksgiving. It was fun to see Brad and Carena from Colorado. We ate at Hometown Buffet for Thanksgiving. We also made rolls, pie and turkey so we could have leftovers. We swam outside at Carena's parents house. The water was freezing but the kids had a great time. We took the kids to see Madagascar 2. It was a great show, even I would watch again. We also shopped black friday.

We had a great Christmas. We got Matthew and Caden four wheelers and got Sadie a little pink one from Wal-mart. The kids were so excited and the best part is that we got it all on film. Sadie was so much fun to watch. She is almost three and just at the age to understand how much fun and exciting it all is. Travis and the kids went outside to ride their 4-wheelers for a while and then we went to eat at Little America with Mark and Celeste and Mike and Heather Palmer. After breakfast we loaded the car and left for Utah. We made it to Filmore, but had to stay the night because the weather was horrible. It turned out great because we were able to get a good nights sleep and the kids are always excited to sleep in a hotel. The kids had a blast spending a week with the cousins, aunts and uncles and of course Grandma and Grandpa Meacham and their new dog, Diasy I mean Diamond. We went down to Robs and snowmobiled. We went to temple square with Chris and Laurie, Mom and Dad and Greg and his cute girlfriend. The kids went sledding almost everyday down at Shelley school. On our way to St. George, we stopped to see Grandma Pearl. We had a great time visiting with her. We learned more about Grandpa George and his family. Grandma is amazing. She remembers so much and has such a fun sense of humor. We had a wonderful time with you Grandma, and can't wait to visit again.

We spent New Years in St George at Leanne and Johns. We had great time playing pictionary, boys against girls. The girls won of course! We had some amazing food as well!! Thanks Leanne for hosting such a fun party.

January has been a fun month of playing guitar hero as a family, and reading the "The Kingdom and the Crown" series by Gerald N. Lund. If you haven't read these books, I highly recommend them. He wrote The Work and The Glory. This series is similar in the fact that he writes about a fictional family, but the life and teachings of Jesus are all real. I like it because it became real to me. Anyway there is nothing like having a good book in the middle of winter!!

Caden has loved loved loved 2nd grade. His teacher has been so good. I am already praying he gets a good teacher for next year.

We just got back from Mesa last night. It was fun to be in 75 degree weather. Infact we went swimming late Friday night outside and the weather was great. The pool was heated, Im sure that made a big difference. Mark and Celeste were sealed. It is such a great experience being in the temple with family.

Travis and I have been learning to coupon shop. We are absolutely loving it. Our best deal has been spending $43 and saving $250. Travis had to buy a couple more shelves to put all the food. Just within a month of doing this we have probably a year supply of toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner, and handsoap. We also have 25 boxes of cereal (cinnamon life, raisin bran, captian crunch, frosted flakes and a few boxes of rice crispies) for 50 cents a box!! We also got about 3 months worth of toilet paper for free. I hate spending money on food so this has been so much fun. Its mostly been fun because Travis likes to do it with me. Infact, he does most of the cutting coupons. One night I came home and he had the floor covered with different piles of coupons. He is really organized and I love it. Thanks baby baby!! Thanks for making and saving us money. I really can't wait to teach everyone I know about it.

I have also been busy with doing dictation for Travis and Kelly. Well, I actually just do Kelly's and Travis does his own. Its been good and fun learning more about what Travis actually does. I would love to watch him in surgery. I will post some pictures later


Crews blessing

Sorry these pictures are just random. Celeste took our family pictures. Didnt' they turn out cute? Today was Crews blessing. I really wanted it to be low key and not have anyone feel like they had to come. My parents, Greg and Jordan drove 9 hours from American Fork. And Brad and Carena surprised us from Denver Colorado. They drove 11 hours yesterday and had to leave a couple hours after church to be back for work on Monday. It was a great surprise. We didn't know they were coming until Travis saw Brad in the circle after the blessing was over. It was so cute to see them hug. We really feel blessed to have such wonderful support from family. Thanks everyone for coming.