The kids making gingerbread houses at Ben and Michelles

Sadie just bustin a sag. This girl has no bum! So She will be three next week. A couple of weeks ago I told her I just didn't want to buy anymore diapers. She simply said, "Ok Mom." She has been wearing underwear ever since. I don't even remind her to go. She has been so easy to train. Actually, I didn't do anything but wait until she was almost three. She even has dry nights. Its been great!! I should write a book about how to potty train -wait until they are old enough to do it themselves!!

These boys absolutely love their little brother. They can't get enough of him. They love when I let them read to him at night. Just tonight, Matthew took him from me and when I went into check on them, I found that Matthew had carefully tucked Crew in his bed next to him and was reading a book to him. I love these moments!! Crew is so good to humor his brothers.


Melinda said...

Great updates! Love the pictures, love your kids, they're so sweet! Lucky on the potty training, write that book! :)

Laurie said...

I would say that Crew is one lucky little boy! How cute that they love to read to him.